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Audio Engineering Society: Past, present, future

As the AES approaches its seventieth anniversary, Stephen Bennett speaks to the organisation’s president David Scheirman to find out how it’s staying relevant to a new generation of audio professionals…

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Post masters: Mixing sound for the screen

VR, AR and immersive experience is becoming an increasingly important aspect of audio for games, film and television and the professionals responsible for mixing sound for these formats are having to adapt to an evolving industry landscape in order to produce the highest quality audio, regardless of the final playback system, as Stephen Bennett reports...

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Spatial Awareness: Inside the world of immersive sound design

Although the term Immersive Audio (or spatial audio) might at first glance appear to be a cutting-edge technology, the engineering challenge of trying to place an audience in a three-dimensional acoustic space has a long history and several methods have been used over the years with various amounts of success. Stephen Bennett reports…

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Review: Genelec 8331

The 8331s are the smallest of Genelec’s point source monitor range it calls The Ones. Here, Stephen Bennett gives Audio Media International his expert opinion about these small but mighty speakers.

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