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Review: Presonus Studio One V4

The release of PreSonus’ Studio One Version 3 back in May 2015 was a landmark and has gone from strength to strength ever since, so the recent release of Version 4 was bound to be a big deal, writes Alistair McGhee…

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Review: Dutch & Dutch 8c

Mastering engineer Nigel Palmer tries out the new 8c active loudspeaker from Netherlands manufacturer Dutch & Dutch…

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Review: Universal Audio Arrow

Building on their success with the Apollo, Universal Audio presents the Arrow, a bus powered, small form-factor audio interface via Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

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Review: Focal Clear Professional

Alan Branch revisits Focal’s headphones afer reviewing the Utopias in the Jan/Feb issue of AMI. This time he gets his hands on Focal’s new Clear Professionals and gives us his verdict on this high-end pair of cans...

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Review: Focusrite Red 16Line

The Red 16Line has two of Focusrite’s Red Evolution microphone preamplifiers, each supplying 48V phantom power, along with a high-pass filter and a phase-reverse facility.

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Review: Pro Tools 2018

The latest update to Pro Tools introduces a new numbering system. Presumably Pro Tools 2018 is effectively the new version 13, but have Avid included any major changes to their iconic DAW?

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