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CEntrance launches new MixerFace Podcast series

CEntrance has launched a new podcast series to showcase its MixerFace mobile mixer + recorder. The new podcast is hosted by Michael Goodman, company founder and CEO, and features interviews with notable figures in the world of audio. Goodman has made many friends during his years of design work for …

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Music recording Industry Insight: What can we learn from the past 20 years?

Can post-production professionals learn anything from the music recording industry and the changes it went through over the past 20 years? Here, KORD.Media director Dan Piggott asks if social and economic changes that began affecting the music industry at the turn of the century compare to those seen in film and television...

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‘In those days, being an audio engineer, I felt like I was a magician. I felt like I was doing things that nobody understood or could make sense of’

Working with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment for close to a decade, Alexander has worked with some of the world’s most iconic artists, from The Notorious B.I.G. to Mary J. Blige. Here, he recalls coming to terms with the rise of hip hop on his journey to become one of most renowned audio professionals and educators today...

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Read the latest issue of AMI now

In the latest issue of AMI we visit storied recording studio RAK in North London to find out about how this facility operates in the modern studio sector, how it maintains its inventory of vintage equipment and what its plans are for the future

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