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Post Production: Changing the Tune

Dan Piggott of KORD.Media offers his thoughts on changing workflows in the post-production landscape… — I think it’s widely accepted that there are two ways in which a facility can deliver audio post, employ staff or use freelancers, so there seemed to be an opportunity to explore whether there’s something …

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What does the rise of streaming mean for audio post?

Tristan Rose, Head of ADR at Grand Central Recording Studios in London, offers his thoughts… — Lovefilm’s DVD rental postage system is a distant memory for most of us. It was once a fresh approach to Saturday afternoons spent at Blockbuster, picking up the latest VHS releases. But now, with …

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Opinion: Sound jobs, Sound minds

Mastering engineer Katie Tavini tells AMI how important it is for audio professionals to focus on their physical and mental health by finding hobbies outside of the industry…

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Beware the ‘upgrade cascade’

Michael Begg ruminates on how a seemingly simple gear purchase can these days often lead to a costly and time consuming chain reaction of unplanned updates.

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