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iZotope releases Neutron 3 with machine learning

iZotope has launched Neutron 3, a plugin designed to significantly enhance mix workflows with machine learning. Neutron 3 will be available in three different flavours – Neutron Elements, Neutron 3 Standard, and Neutron 3 Advanced. Neutron 3 Advanced creates a balanced starting point for an initial level mix built around …

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Music recording Industry Insight: What can we learn from the past 20 years?

Can post-production professionals learn anything from the music recording industry and the changes it went through over the past 20 years? Here, KORD.Media director Dan Piggott asks if social and economic changes that began affecting the music industry at the turn of the century compare to those seen in film and television...

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Post masters: Mixing sound for the screen

VR, AR and immersive experience is becoming an increasingly important aspect of audio for games, film and television and the professionals responsible for mixing sound for these formats are having to adapt to an evolving industry landscape in order to produce the highest quality audio, regardless of the final playback system, as Stephen Bennett reports...

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