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NUGEN fine tunes mix for Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, re-recording mixer Michael Minkler and veteran music editor Jim Schultz were tasked with delivering an unrivalled audio production. As the film relied on well-known original radio broadcasts, songs and scores from the 1960s era in which it was set, …

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Mixing for a rapidly growing Dolby Atmos world

Tom Marks CAS, Los Angeles-based mixer for film, TV and music, offers his thoughts… — With the rising trend of streaming platforms that provide instant access to millions of media files, viewers and listeners are no longer limited to what they can see or where they can see it. They …

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NUGEN Audio’s Dr. Paul Tapper on ‘playing the long game’

AMI catches up with Paul Tapper, NUGEN Audio’s recently appointed CEO and the brains behind many of the original algorithms in use by the company’s products today… — How did NUGEN first come about and how were you involved in its creation? NUGEN Audio started back in 2004 when co-founders …

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Read the April issue of AMI online now

Jerry Ibbotson takes a look at the impact of on-set noise reduction tech and we find out how Creative Assembly came up with an explosive mix for Microsoft’s 'Halo Wars 2.'

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