Artists back campaign to save London's Strongroom Studios

Caribou, Erol Alkan and Fabric London have all shared the petition to save the Shoreditch studios
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A petition launched last week to save Strongroom Studios in north London has received widespread support from members of the music and audio industries. 

Artists Caribou, The Black Madonna and Erol Alkan yesterday called on followers to sign the petition to save the studio, which they have all worked in at some point in their careers. 

Strongroom has been operating in Shoreditch for more than 30 years and has been used by the likes of Björk, Radiohead and The Chemical Brothers. Planned developments threaten the studios along with 18 other businesses using the site. 

Music producer Ben Baptie said: “Strongroom Studios is where I work from all of my creative output. From the moment I first started working here I realised that this was a special place, and not just for me, but for recording artists too. The cultural relevance of Strongroom is one that cannot be ignored when looking at the musical output in the UK.

Another Shoreditch studio space, Red Gallery, is closing at the end of the month after eight years in operation. 

The petition is now a couple of hundred signatures away from its target. You can sign it here


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