‘£20,000 worth of equipment’ stolen in Brighton recording studio burglary

'The equipment has a monetary value I guess, but it’s more that I have built up that collection over my entire life'
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Brighton recording studio Lucky Stone was broken into last night, with the owner reporting “around £20,000” worth of equipment being stolen. 

Two businesses on St Georges Road, Brighton, were targeted by the burgulars: studio owner Samuel Buckley’s premises and an off-licence shop above it. 

Buckley co-owns the studio, which was broken into at 3am yesterday morning, with his girlfriend Caitlin Barnard. He told The Argus: “My entire life is in this project. All of my savings and the help of others.

“It’s looking like around £20,000 of equipment. I am pretty gutted. The equipment has a monetary value I guess, but it’s more that I have built up that collection over my entire life. The sentimental value is just indescribable. It’s like losing a family member. It hasn’t really hit home yet to be honest.

“It sounds strange but you have a relationship with that equipment. Actual recording jobs are off the table for now so I will just have to build it up slowly again.”

The items taken from the studio include a bright green optical compressor, a white Fender Squier Telecaster guitar, a black Fender acoustic guitar, microphones, synthesisers and other pieces of equipment.

The studio had just been refurbished, costing the couple around £10,000 for the work to be carried out.

The burglar used power tools already stored in the building to cut a square hole in a door to gain access to the shop above.

The couple, who used to live in Brighton but now live in Henfield, hope to be able to claim back some of the money they have lost on insurance.

Sussex Police said they are investigating both incidents.


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