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Mixing for a rapidly growing Dolby Atmos world

Tom Marks CAS, Los Angeles-based mixer for film, TV and music, offers his thoughts… — With the rising trend of streaming platforms that provide instant access to millions of media files, viewers and listeners are no longer limited to what they can see or where they can see it. They …

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Voice tech is the future, but it faces challenges

Neil Sloan, Content Director at Voiceworks, discusses the growing trends towards voice technology and digital audio content… — Voice technology is going through an incredible growth phase. Alexa and Google Home are increasingly becoming everyday objects in our homes and offices, seemingly an addition or extension to the voice assistants …

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The Science of Sound

Ivor Taylor, Technical and Finance Director at Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS), offers his thoughts… — As someone who has a 49-year career in audio production, I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying that I believe sound to be of utmost importance – and some of my recent reading …

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Game Audio: Demystifying Total War Music

Creative Assembly’s Audio Director Richard Beddow gives us an overview of the creative processes behind award-winning scores like those seen in the Total War video game series… — For those not familiar with the multi award-winning Total War range of video games, Total War is a turn-based strategy game, featuring …

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What’s happening to 700MHz and how can you prepare?

Shure Pro Audio Group manager Tuomo Tolonen tells Audio Media International how users of wireless equipment can prepare ahead of the 700MHz clearance currently being rolled out across the United Kingdom.

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