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New app allows users to configure and match the angling of stereo or surround-sound speaker systems

Genelec presents SpeakerAngle app for iOS devices

Monitoring specialist Genelec has released the SpeakerAngle app for iOS devices; a digital tool designed to allow users to correctly set and match the angling (‘toe-in’) of both stereo and 7.1 surround sound speakers.

Co-developed by Genelec and AudioApps, SpeakerAngle is compatible with iPhone 4, and later, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th Generation. The SpeakerAngle app is available now at the iTunes App Store at a price of 99 cents.

In the app, dedicated onscreen speaker icons move as the actual speaker is rotated, while number boxes below each speaker icon continuously display the angle of the speaker. The number boxes also change colour to let users know when their speaker is angled within industry recommendations, and when it is angled to the same degree as the other one in the pair (i.e. left and right in stereo systems; front left / front right, rear left / rear right and side left / side right in 7.1 surround systems).

“The new Genelec SpeakerAngle app is a convenient and intuitive way to quickly set and confirm the angle of your speakers in your listening environment,” stated Will Eggleston, Genelec USA marketing director. “This is a perfect tool for home theater owners, recording engineers, system installers and anyone else working to get optimum sound from any loudspeaker system. The possibilities are exciting, and we look forward to audio enthusiasts everywhere putting it to good use.”

For more information, please visit www.genelecusa.com/

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