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New agreement announced with audio manufacturer

DACS appointed dealer for Antelope Audio

DACS (Digital Audio and Computer Systems) has announced that it has been appointed as a dealer for Antelope Audio.

The company will serve as a dealer for Antelope Audio’s range of products, featuring pro audio standard Master Clocks and DA Converters.

With a background in high-end audio equipment manufacturing, Antelope Audio has been heavily involved the adoption of Atomic Clock Generators in Audio Master Clocks. It also offers a product line of USB DACs, catering for the pro audio community with high-definition audio, due to the proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Oven Controlled Jitter management.

The company has also provided equipment for a number of leading film studios, including Universal and Warner Bros, as well as big-name music artists, such as Daft Punk and Coldplay.

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