'This is a very empowering process': TJ Smith discusses EAW's RCF takeover

The recent acquisition of iconic US loudspeaker brand EAW by the Italian RCF Group marked a major milestone in the history of the Massachusetts-based company. Now, in an exclusive interview with AMI sister title PSNEurope, president and general manager TJ Smith tells Daniel Gumble why the deal marks the start of a new era for the loudspeaker giant...



Driving innovation with Abbey Road Red

Abbey Road is arguably the most recognisable name in recording studios both inside and outside the music industry. Always innovating, the company has expanded into audio hardware and software development and, more recently, it's developed Abbey Road Red, an open innovation department with a mission to act as an incubator for entrepreneurial technology start-ups. Stephen Bennett reports…


In the studio with: Mike Exeter

Mike Exeter has worked with notable heavy rock acts such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Here, he runs through his current studio setup and explains his techniques for recording drums, vocals, guitars, bass and keys...


Sound Knowledge: Inside Britannia Row's training courses

What do you do if you’re struggling to recruit people with the right level of live audio knowledge? If you’re Twickenham-based Britannia Row, you train them up yourself. Here, Tara Lepore speaks to managing director Mike Lowe about the kind of courses it offers and what it’s doing to provide an alternative to traditional sound training...

Prince Charles Alexander

'In those days, being an audio engineer, I felt like I was a magician. I felt like I was doing things that nobody understood or could make sense of'

Working with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment for close to a decade, Alexander has worked with some of the world’s most iconic artists, from The Notorious B.I.G. to Mary J. Blige. Here, he recalls coming to terms with the rise of hip hop on his journey to become one of most renowned audio professionals and educators today...

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