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TOP TEN: This week's most popular articles

TOP TEN: This week's most popular articles

Latest list includes our AES keynote announcement and opinion pieces from Andy Coules and Dave Swallow.

It's Friday again at AMI, and this week's ten most-read articles include opinion pieces from Andy Coules and Dave Swallow, along with a feature delving into the the world of interface protocols.

The announcement that Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash will present the keynote speech at this year's 139th AES International Convention was clearly of interest to the readers, and our Profile of London's AIR Studios has proven enduringly popular, breaching into the Top Ten from last week.

But this week's winner is a story from yesterday, which revealed how legendary artist Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame has begun his world tour backed by an L-Acoustics system. 

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1. Mark Knopfler goes Strait for L-Acoustics

Singer and guitarist supported by K1 and K2 systems on 88-date tour in support of eighth solo album.  

2. Oculus chief scientist announced as AES Convention keynote

Michael Abrash will offer his insight to visitors in a speech titled 'Virtual Reality, Audio, and the Future'. 

3. Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman turns to API

Guitarist installs 1608 console in LA home studio, where it was used to record much of the band's recent album.

4. Feature: Investigating interface protocols

With USB 2.0, Firewire and now Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 kit all viable options, what are the pros and cons of each?

5. The benefits of working in small venues

Andy Coules on why those less glamorous gigs should be just as important as large-scale shows to good engineers. 

6. Dave Swallow on the problem with festivals

Live sound engineer of the year winner Dave Swalllow gives his candid and uncompromising thoughts on the festival industry. 

7. Two new audio studios for Factory Group

White Mark handled the design of both spaces, including one of the first Dolby Atmos Certified mix rooms for commercials and trailers.

8. Geo Focus: Poland

Matt Fellows examines divided professional opinions to get the full picture of the country's position in the European pro-audio puzzle.

9. Review: Allen & Heath GLD-80 Chrome Edition

Simon Allen takes a look at one of the new-look consoles to see whether it offers more than just a bit of added ‘bling’.

10. Studio Profile: AIR Studios

Jim Evans investigates London' AIR studios, exploring the history of the seminal facility.

Picture: Mark Knopfler performs using an L-Acoustics system on his current world tour.