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Digital Edition: July/August 2017

The July/August issue of Audio Media International is available to read online now.

In our latest issue, a number of PA manufacturers tell us how they’re under pressure to meet new demands for high levels of flexibility, while Adam Savage explores ‘American Epic’, the result of a two-decade-long project to reassemble a 1920’s recording system and the era’s forgotten musical works.

Meanwhile, Colby Ramsey finds out how Aftermaster Studios Hollywood is setting itself apart following an extensive refurb and Lance Wascom of Tour Supply discusses the perks of its new automated playback system.

Also inside, we find out how US megachurch Willow Creek went about equipping its new broadcast studio, and W Hotel’s US audio director DJ White Shadow chats to Colby Ramsey about what it takes to put a recording studio in a hotel room.

We also find out which instrument microphones are currently proving the most popular in our latest End User Focus, David Miles Huber discusses the use of Auro-3D for his latest Blu-Ray release and Alan Branch lifts the lid on Softube’s new Console 1 MKII, the upgraded version of the Swedish company’s hybrid mixing solution.

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