AudioMedia - Audio Media International


Audio Media International offers a variety of print and web-based advertising opportunities and solutions for advertisers and business partners.  

Our mission is to serve our partners needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible, generating a return on investment on your advertising budget and continually working with you to increase and improve the benefits of our advertising offerings.  

Our advertising solutions offer the best possible reach and coverage to the pro audio market, including the following opportunities:  

·         Series discount through multi-brand/media purchases
·         Leveraging web advertising to reach new/unique audiences from that of our print publication
·         A targeted email database of over 40,000, instantly building awareness of any new product/show announcements
·         A truly international readership, offering a platform into new markets and territories
·         Rich media advertising, offering video embedded animation across our online platform.   

By working with Audio Media International across our various multi-media platforms you can be sure to increase ROI on any advertising investment, with the efficiency of advertising across both print and digital supporting all other marketing campaigns, supporting your campaign strategy and offering best `bang-for-buck’.

For more information or to request a media pack please contact